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Veneers Boca Raton | Common Dental Veneers Mistakes to Avoid

Stained, damaged, and poorly shaped teeth are just some of the reasons why most people lose confidence in their smiles. That’s why a lot of people have invested in veneers Boca Raton as a part of their smile makeover. Not only can veneers transform your teeth into the smile you desire, but it can also boost your self-esteem. But there are a few pitfalls to avoid optimizing this cosmetic treatment. Here are the common DENTAL VENEERS MISTAKES TO AVOID:

Skipping the Wax-Up

It’s important not to skip the wax-up so you have an idea of how you will look with the actual veneers. This way you can request for changes, like the SHAPE, LENGTH, WIDTH, CONTOUR, AND THE WHITENESS OF THE VENEERS Boca Raton, so it suits your face before your dentist fabricates the final working model.

Ignoring Uneven Gums

When placing veneers, it’s important to even your gum line. Your gums may have receded too much over your natural tooth or covers it too much- veneers cannot fix this for you. What your dentist can do is to correct it with a CROWN LENGTHENING PROCEDURE OR A LASER PROCEDURE.

Choosing a Very White Shade for your Veneers

As much as possible, you want your veneers to look natural, and choosing overtly white veneers is not the way to do that. Overtly white veneers look opaque and unnatural. Instead, choose a more natural shade of white that’s translucent enough to look like your natural teeth.

Not Taking Care of Your Veneers

To keep your veneers in its best shape possible in the years to come and to make it last, you must take care of it. Follow your dentist’s instructions regarding how to maintain them, avoid smoking, and keep away from foods and drinks that can stain them or weaken the adhesive.

Where to Get Veneers Boca Raton?

Avoid these mistakes to optimize your veneers Boca Raton. At the International Center for Advanced Dentistry, we can transform your teeth to achieve the smile you desire with our high-quality veneers. CONTACT US FOR INQUIRIES!


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